Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Dr. Leah Klungness; @singlemommyhood,
(my first blog post is a response to a SingleMommyHood blog post.)  Should this single mama give up custody?

I wasn't sure what I wanted my first post to be about, but then I saw your blog post about the single mom who's homeless, along with her son.  I can't seem to get back to the blog post right now, so I'll have to hope my memory is serving me correctly on everything.

(After being able to read the post again: It somehow escaped me that her brother is not invited this single mom + dog.  Upon this revelation, my feelings have somewhat changed from what is written below.  This single mom knows whether her brother has it in him to be vindictive enough to try and claim that she has abandoned her son.  If this is done, it should be done through lawyers, in my opinion.) That ONE thing that he chose to say may have changed the way the cards should be played!

I'm a single mom who, without the large-lump child support that is sent monthly, might be homeless, too.  I'm searching for a new job, beginning next week.

Difficult, though it may be, my advice to this single mom is to consent to her brother's temporary custody offer.  I'm sure she knows whether her brother has her best interests at heart and I'm assuming that he does.  Her best interest being- to find a job, save a decided amount of emergency money, and locate an affordable, suitable apartment.  It would be easier to do these things if the guilt, worry, and stress of knowing her son (too) is homeless is lifted off of her shoulders.

The lesson that I believe her son will learn through all of this is that family-helps-family.  You can turn to those who love you, in hard times.

It is going to be an emotionally difficult time for this mother if she chooses to send her son one thousand miles away, but I think one day her son will know that this decision was made with a mom's strong desire to secure a stable life for her son whom she greatly loves.

I wish her well, Dr. Leah!

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